ZMT Metal

ZMT Metal San.Tic. Ltd. Şti., has taken its place at the top of the sector since the year it was founded, has pioneered technological changes with the innovations it has created and became the determinant of the sector.

It has adopted customer satisfaction and has assimilated its customers as a business partner.

ZMT Metal is the leader of the sector and it has brought quality together with the bolt, nut, washer, drill bit screw-chipboard screw-gijon-flat and spring washer, dowel, inox connection, all fasteners and ironmongery imports.

Our Code of Ethics

  • In a safe work environment, we do not allow discrimination and work with respect for each other’s personal rights.
  • We use company resources efficiently.
  • We comply with the competition rules determined by the laws, we compete with competitors in such a way that they do not disrupt market conditions.
  • We attach importance to customer satisfaction and we always act responsibly and honestly to our customers and consumers.